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The Ox Shoppe is a 501c3 charitable organization, based in Thompson, Ohio that is dedicated to providing paid employment to individuals with disabilities and those with barriers to employment. We offer employment through the store, farm partnerships and a growing number of non ag based sites that are working to become leaders in inclusive employment. We accept clients from all walks of life; from addiction, mental health, reentry and disabled, we are here to support you on your employment journey. 

Community Impact

  • By providing employment opportunities to individuals with barriers to employment, this saves tax payers an average of $40,000 per person annually while also adding revenue to the local economy.


  • Food Scarcity is on the rise with a 10% increase alone from 2022-2023. This industry needs support more than ever.


  • Individuals with disabilities have a 20% turn over rate compared to typical peers who average a 150% turnover rate.


  • 87% of the public agree that they would prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with disabilities.


  • Companies that offered the most inclusive working environment for disabled employees achieved an average of 28% higher revenue, 30% greater economic profit margins, and twice the net income of their industry peers

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